How to Curb Your Appetite in 60 Seconds

I hear you. You want to lose weight. I know what it’s like to struggle with yo-yo dieting and ballooning pounds. Man, have I been there!

It’s the end of the line when you’ve tried fad diets, drugs and pills, skipping meals, and over exercising.

I’ve always been honest about my nutrition and my weight loss journey, which is why I’m honored to introduce Skinny Greens™, a healthier, safer way to curb cravings and lose weight more naturally.

You want what most people do —  long term results as you build a healthier lifestyle. But you also have a busy schedule, so how do you balance the two? This is where Skinny Greens™ can help you achieve your goals!


The Green Smoothies Trend

The media has focused a lot on green smoothies these days and their benefits to your body overall. They help you gain access to bioavailable nutrition while preserving the digestive tract. This means your body can focus on other important tasks, like detoxifying, cellular repair, and balancing metabolism.

If you lack time to make a green smoothie or juice vegetables, this is when Skinny Greens™ becomes part of your daily routine. There’s no blending, chopping, or messy clean up. Simply mix one scoop with 8 to 10 ounces of water, add a bit of fat to get the full benefits, such as coconut oil or some almonds, and continue on with your day.


What’s the Secret Ingredient in Skinny Greens™?

I’ve taken painstaking time and research to narrow down powerhouse ingredients to include in Skinny Greens™. Wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, are some of the 30+ nutrient-dense plant foods included.

But what really helps metabolism naturally is a compound derived from spinach called Appethyl®, containing thylakoids that curbs your appetite. The most awesome fact about thylakoids is the more you include them as part of your daily routine, you will meet those long term milestones of weight loss.  

Studies ere conducted when mice were fed a high-fat diet containing 41% of fat by energy with and without thylakoids for 100 days. Mice that were fed the thylakoids enriched diet had suppressed food intake, body weight gain, and body fat compared to mice fed the high-fat foods. Such results suggest thylakoids are useful to suppress appetite and weight. The best part: it’s all natural!

Because any doctor or dietitian will tell you: long term weight loss is founded on a balance of healthy eating and exercise.


Other Nifty Facts About Appethyl®

  • Appethyl® is shown to extend digestion, producing a feeling of satiety.
  • It stimulates the release of the cholecystokinin (CCK) satiety hormone, which signals the brain that you are full.
  • Also, thylakoids help reduce hedonic hunger, the desire to eat for pleasure rather than to restore the body’s energy needs.
  • After 4 hours of ingesting Appethyl®, clinical studies show there’s a 25% reduction in hunger and a 33% reduction in food cravings.

How to Best Use Skinny Greens™?

It’s pretty simple to incorporate Skinny Greens™ into your schedule. Just take in the mid-morning if you are a day time snacker, or mid-afternoon if you are an evening snacker, with the effects lasting 6 to 8 hours. Be sure to consume a small amount of fat (such as a tablespoon of coconut oil) as this will active the Skinny Greens™ to start working.


Don’t Forget: Exercise!

To absorb the entire scope of Skinny Greens™ and this newfound self, remember to include exercise. Doctors recommend doing at least 30 minutes of activity everyday, with weight training about twice a week.

My belief is exercise should be based on your passions. If you enjoy dancing, consider taking a Zumba class. If you are into spirituality and stretching, yoga could be for you. This way, you’ll actually stick with it!


If you’re curious about Skinny Greens™, you can get yours today from our online store — Brilliant Ways.

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