Why I Chose doTERRA (and left Young Living)

Many people know me for my association with essential oils. I started using them when I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And from that moment I have used them daily. I went to school to become a registered dietitian. And after working for a year as an RD I realized that my passion was in teaching people about how to find natural solutions using these oils.

  One of the most common questions I am asked from people both on and off my doTERRA team is “How is doTERRA different than other brands?” And usually people are asking about the difference of Young Living verses doTERRA since these are the two largest essential oil companies. I started using essential oils when I was 13, which was 17 years ago. We started with Young Living. I met with Gary Young at his clinic in Utah several times. So I want to tell you the facts of why doTERRA is different. Every point I make is from my own personal research and personal experience. These is factual and informational, not emotional.



doTERRA’s oils aren’t just grown in the US. They are grown throughout the world. doTERRA’s oils are tested numerous times to find the natural habitat that is best for that oil. doTERRA’s lemon oil comes from Italy, lavender from France, Peppermint from Washington. Because doTERRA’s oils are sourced world-wide there is no USDA organic seal on it. Because the oils would have to be grown here in the US to have that US seal, which they are not. All of doTERRA’s oils are grown without pesticides or other chemicals. They are beyond organic.


On the other hand, many oils that are found in the grocery store, like those at Whole Foods, are grown entirely here in the US. Which makes them cheaper and easier to produce. And in cases like Young Living’s lavender oil – that is grown less than 0.2 miles west of the I-15 in Mona, UT.



Essential oils aren’t regulated by any governing agency. Therefore, companies are free to do any (or no) testing on their products. So any registered trademarks that you will see from large companies, like doTERRA’s CPTG® certification, or Young Living’s Seed to Seal® is their own. It is the company’s way of showing their consumers that their oils are tested. And then it’s up to us to know the differences and to decide for ourselves.

Every single oil that doTERRA produces is tested 6-7 different times both at the location grown and once again once they are sent back for bottling. So each oil is essential tested 12-14 times. The testing process include gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, FTIR Scan (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), microbial testing, and organoleptic testing. The CPTG quality protocol requires the use of independent laboratories for standardization and testing.And coming soon – on doTERRA’s www.SourceToYou.com website you will be able to input the lot number found on your doTERRA bottle and you will be able to pull up GC/MS sheets on it. So if you want any evidence as to what your bottle contains – you will have access to it! If you want to know more about their CPTG certification and the 6-7 tests you can learn more HERE.

Very few companies do scientific testing on their oils. (Most of the essential oils that you find in the grocery stores are synthetic, aromatherapy-use only oils. Which are not produced for their healing benefits.) Young Living has a “Seed to Seal” certification that they created. I was not a part of Young living before this certification came about, but in doing a bit of research online, from their websites, it looks as though their Seed to Seal certification step #4 just says that they test their oils where they are grown and also in house. I could not find any information identifying which scientific tests are done in this step though. Learn more about Young Living’s testing on their website. 



I have to give lots of credit to Gary Young for founding Young Living in 1993. He really has done so much good bringing essential oils to so many people. doTERRA was founded in 2007, and yes it is true that a couple of doTERRA’s founders used to work for Gary Young. They left Young Living because of ethical issues. The other founders came from other wellness companies. I could not find any stats on how many members Young Living has.

Young Living – YL has been around for 25 years. They have 5.6 million members 5.6 million members. 

doTERRA has only been around for only 10 years and has almost 7 million members. It is by far the largest essential oil company. In both member size and revenue produced.




Young Living charges $6.98 on the order’s first 5 pounds and $0.63 per additional pound for ground shipments to the continental U.S.

On the other hand, doTERRA only charges $3.99 for SurePost shipping to the US. There is no additional charges for higher weights. doTERRA also gives members back their shipping cost back in free product credit to use on a future order.


Personal Reasons

I have a few personal reasons why we left Young Living. I’d like to explain one to you. As I mentioned earlier I met with Gary Young at his Utah clinic several years ago, after I was diagnosed with my brain tumor. We made numerous trips there, and stayed for several days while there. During my visits there my blood was drawn. At the end of one of my visits my mom was out getting the car while I was waiting in the waiting room. As she left me, the main female doctor pulled aside and took me into a room alone with her. There she cornered me and asked me if I was doing drugs. She told me that they found crystals in my blood and if I was doing drugs then I was wasting my mom’s time and money. And they needed to know. Remember I was 13 at the time. And I am LDS (Mormon) and have never once smoked, drank, or done any sort of drugs. I started sobbing at this news, absolutely shocked. She told me she was glad to see me crying because that meant I was telling the truth.

I told my mom what they did. Soon after in our own research we found that crystals in your blood are often a sign of undigested proteins. And undigested proteins are a theory as to how tumors could be formed. We were quite appalled that she would corner me asking me that question. Especially when scientifically there could have been numerous reasons there were crystals. And emotionally – that was very inappropriate. And that was the last time that we went to Gary’s clinic. We found out later that the clinic moved to Mexico and then was shut down.



My mom and I went to one of Young Living’s conventions and during the convention I remember Gary Young talking about his hobby of jousting numerous times, over and over. 17 years later I still remember him talking about his jousting area at his house. Unofrunately, their convention was not filled with as much science or education as we would have hoped.


My Team Today

As I mentioned above I am one of doTERRA’s leaders. So yes, I earn a paycheck from sharing these oils with others. I’d rather be selling oils, then selling Ensure’s and low nutrient foods at my old dietitian job. I have been building a doTERRA team for more than 4 years. And I find it very interesting that I have numerous people on my doTERRA team today that used to be with Young Living. They all left for numerous different reasons. BUT…to my knowledge I have not “lost” one of my doTERRA team members to Young Living. I have also had many team members try out other brands, and soon enough come back saying “I want my good oils again.”



One of the biggest turn off’s I see, and many former YL people see is the negativity that comes from YL people. Look at any essential Facebook page and compare the comments between Young Living and doTERRA people. YL people have so much negativity in their tone and they praise Gary Young and their “Seed to Seal” (which is a scam, see the next point). 

I don’t mean to share this point to be negative, as that’s not the type of person I am or or that I want to attract either! But boy, I am tired of the negativity that comes from YL. This is one of the biggest turns offis I see, quite often. Love your company, support them, share the positives with others. But no need to be negative towards others who choose to not use the same brand you do. 

More are in the blog comments too.


The Recent Lawsuit between Young Living and doTERRA 

Several years ago Dave Stirling and Emily Wright were part of the executive team for Young Living. Both of them left (fired) for different reasons. Dave Stirling was fired because he didn’t agree with the claims Gary Young was making with “Seed to Seal”. Emily Wright left because Gary Young believed women should be paid less than men. Her salary was 50% less than what her men co-workers were. Both of them left, along with a few of the top Young Living reps. Many months after leaving YL they came together and formed doTERRA. Their contract was not breached as they left Young Living. All of the claims Young Living made (such as they stole computers), were dismissed in the recent lawsuit. 


So that is why doTERRA was started. Because former Young Living executives and reps didn’t agree with the practices and claims they made. 


A few years after doTERRA was formed Young Living issued a lawsuit against doTERRA. Saying that they stole info, breached their contract and recruited Young Living reps to move to doTERRA. This lawsuit has been going on for years. And a few months ago it finally finished up. And you know what — the jury dismissed all accusations that Young Living had against them. They found no evidence in their claims. During the trial there was also a lot of negativity released on Young Living. Such as the reason why Emily Wright left (unequal salary), Gary Young stating they did not in fact own much of their land that they claim in “Seed to Seal” and more. (when the court transcripts are made available I will post a link). 


Here is the link to the article doTERRA wrote after all accusations were deemed false: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/media-press-releases-doterra-is-vindicated



Judge Finds Young Living Acted in Bad Faith and Awards doTERRA Nearly 2 Million Dollars in Legal Fees and Costs



There are a few other personal reasons why we decided to leave Young Living that I will not go into. My intention here is not to bash Young Living or any other brands. I am simply here explaining my version of the differences and my personal reasons for choosing doTERRA. Both to use, and to work with. Because I am asked this question so many times and I need to have it written down for those who want to know my response.

So if you are looking at different brands – please do your own tests, do your own research (not read info from a blogger!) I’d recommend this – Try one of doTERRA’s oils vs another brands. See if you can smell a difference. See if you experience anything different. And most importantly, if you are ingesting it (or if it’s being absorbed through your skin) please make sure it’s safe for internal use. Use the brand of oils that gets you the results that you want. So you can tap into the plant’s natural medicine cabinet and experience these beautiful oils.

If you’re ready to get started with doTERRA and my AMAZING team – I’d love to help you create some amazing success stories. Please CONTACT ME  to get started! 

  1. kylie Everton

    January 17th, 2018 at 5:18 am

    Hi, is there a way to contact you via email or fb to ask some more questions regarding this article? I started using EO with YL and love their products. Recently though I have been reading some disturbing conflicting info on Gary Young and also essential oils and cats. I would be interested in conversing with you further. Thank you!

  2. Allison Huish

    January 17th, 2018 at 5:46 am

    Hi! So in regards to the cats post that’s been circulating that’s total click bait. The girl bought her oils off Amazon — and Amazon’s oils mostly synthetic and altered. A vet who knows doTERRA well, Janet Roark, did a post on her FB page about the truth about oils and pets 🙂

    in regards to the other points on why doTERRA vs YL you’re definitely welcome to email me. allison@huish.net is my email.

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