When it comes to hard situations and trials that make you question everything...I've been there. 

Imagine being a young teenage girl, just starting the 7th grade, only to find out that life as I knew it was going to change forever, one way or another. I had cancer, and I had to find a way to deal with it!

Then in October 2018, just 4 months after moving to Europe, my husband unexpectedly told me he wanted a divorce. Within hours I found myself all alone. Everything that was my present and my future was suddenly gone.

I had to find a way of picking myself up and to keep pushing towards the happy and whole life that I wanted!

I’ve Been There.

and the future we create.

Our experiences in life shape us into who we become

All of this taught me that, yes, life can get really tough sometimes! But ultimately, those small decisions to wake up and show up each day truly make a huge impact and can ultimately change your life!

I survived inoperable brain cancer, and an unexpected divorce! I've been told "no"...a lot! And though it has been difficult at times, I wouldn't change a single thing! These experiences changed me for the better, and have led me to the most amazing and happy life!

I want to share not just the power of residual income, but also the power of these essential oils! They've truly helped to change me and my life!

Here to Help You

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I'm calling out to influential women who are ready and excited to build something positive and massive!

As one of the youngest top earners in the company, leading a team of 16K members both in the States and Internationally, seeing the growth of this business, to say I've learned a lot in my time with doTERRA is an understatement!

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Let’s Make This Happen for You!

the good gets better.

When you focus on the good

At the core of who I am, I am all about relationships! I LOVE being around people and value my relationships more than just about anything! As the youngest of 9 kids, I am part of a big family, and love every wild moment of it! One of my favorite past times is going on drives with my sister; just spending a couple of hours chatting about anything and everything! That's another reason why I love my doTERRA team so much!  I have the opportunity to network and associate with some of the greatest like minded individuals. If it weren't for this business model I would never have met these incredible people who have blessed my life exponentially.I also really love health and fitness, and have found great joy in taking control of my health over the years!

I've been through a lot in life! But those trials have helped to shape me into who I am today and have helped me to create this a truly amazing, happy life! I'm truly grateful to be here and have what I have!

Get to Know Me.

My Cancer story

Just 3 weeks after starting 7th grade, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor. After several meetings with our radiologist and doctor about my options, my mother and I just knew that I needed something different. I needed a different option. It was at this time that a close family friend introduced us to essential oils. In these oils, I found the solution that I was looking for! In just 3 years I was able to rebalance my body and eliminate the remainder of my tumor. Without ever having to do chemo or radiation!


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