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Growing up I loved eating the mint plant that grew in my parents garden. The mint made my tummy feel so good. What I was tasting and experiencing the benefit from was the oils sacs that were found inside the plant.

A bottle of peppermint oil is hundreds of thousands of those oil sacs combined together. doTERRA's essential oils are pure and powerful. 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

These oils are literally my "medicine cabinet". Whether you want help with cancer and tumors or just something to help you have pretty skin! These oils will help you feel your very best!

With over 3,000 varieties of aromatic compounds, you're bound to find what you need! And I am here to help you do just that!

My Medicine Cabinet

—Malcolm X—

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs for those who prepare for it today." 

Oils are not a new fad! Let me show you why!

Intro to doTERRA Essential Oils

I came in contact with Allison over a year ago, when I was searching for natural ways to help my son. She was knowledgeable, understanding, and became a great friend! The impact she has made on our lives is priceless! We are thankful for all she has taught us, and now enjoy teaching others and helping them as well.

— Paula Miller —

Allison is such a joy to know! She is so very helpful and guided me every step of the way from the beginning and happily provided answers to all my questions and provided great resources to further my journey into Essential Oils! She's always there to help and very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching others by providing continual education to help people live their best life!

— Teresa Bishop —

When I was diagnosed with my inoperable brain tumor I felt hopeless. The only answers being given were surgery and radiation. With never scary side effects.

A friend introduced me to essential oils. She gave me hope, a possible solution. And with these natural solutions I was able to create an amazing success story. And it's because she shared with me, that I love sharing with others.

How I Found Natural Solutions

Let’s Create Your Own Amazing Success Story!

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To purchase doTERRA's products with their purity guarantee, set up a wholesale account through a knowledgeable rep (like me!). Setting up an account gives you the lowest prices while also connecting you to a support group that can educate and train you on the products. 

Click the button below and select "Wholesale Customer" on the next page. Then, select a discounted Starter Kit. My #1 recommended kit is the Natural Solutions kit. Once your order is placed stay tuned to your email! We'll be in touch shortly!

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