doTERRA Manuka Essential Oil


Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka essential oil  has recently become one of the newest and most versatile additions to the aromatherapy and essential oil family at doTERRA. Known widely in New Zealand for its many amazing health benefits, Manuka oil is a strong anti-inflammatory, it offers assistance in managing symptoms of seasonal threats, as well as having the components to promote clear and beautiful skin, along with having relaxing properties to assist with managing anxious feelings during stressful times. 

History of Manuka Essential Oil

The history of Manuka oil begins when Captain Cook sailed into Mercury Bay in 1769, while his crew was sick with scurvy and infections. Captain Cook came ashore for fresh water and medical supplies, and he was greeted by the local Maori people of New Zealand, who offered him a medicinal concoction of boiled Manuka leaves, because of the special healing powers that the Maoris thought Manuka carried.  

The Manuka tree has long been treasured by the Maori people who used the bark and leaves for managing symptoms of seasonal threats, dysentary, skin infections and fever, along with numerous other skin imperfections.  For centuries the Maoris have used Manuka for hair and skin care, and as a disinfectant, because of Manukas cytophylatic components, which means it promotes new cell growth which can aid in the healing of wounds, scars and skin blemishes.  When applied topically, this sweet, herbaceous oil can promote smooth, healthy skin.

dōTERRA’s NewZealand Manuka Essential Oil is a potent aromatic compound found in the flowers, leaves, and stems of the Manuka tree. Manuka essential oil has a rich, spicy, herbaceous fragrance that can relieve anxioius feelings, and promote feelings of relaxation.

Other Uses

  • Applied topically, Manuka promotes the appearance of smooth, clear, healthy looking skin.
  • Manuka essential oil can also be diffused aromatically to help cleanse and freshen the air.
  • Use Manuka essential oil to ground and center energies while shielding yourself in preparation for deep meditation.
  • Add it to your shampoo, face cream and body moisturizer, to assist in promoting healthy looking skin
  • Apply topically across the heart, to help with stabilization of blood pressure levels


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