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I was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor when I was 13 years old. The tumor was large and intertwined with the nerves. Emergency surgery was only partly successful and left me feeling hopeless. A friend shared natural alternatives with me that changed my life! On this page you'll find my story and how I was able to create an amazing success story.

I Wouldn’t Be Here Today if Not for Natural Alternatives.

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Growing up I was a fairly healthy child. No cavities, no broken bones, and never had to miss a day of school. But starting at about 7 years old something started shifting in my body. The first symptom was that the hearing in my left ear gradually became worse.

No one had any idea why this gradual hearing loss was happening. I was pulled out of school every quarter with the other hearing impaired kids to be sent for all-afternoon hearing loss testing. Only to be told that sometimes hearing just gradually decreases in some children for no apparent reason. It was so hard to be 10 years of age and having questions from your friends.

 “Why were you with the deaf kids today?” I felt so different. And then shortly after my head started to tilt to the side. My mom began noticing that in pictures and throughout the day my head was always tilted to the right.

 Starting about age 10 other not-so-fun symptoms happened. I started to have stomach and horrible indigestion problems. Often I would wake up in the morning & just want to throw up white phlegm—and then I was fine the rest of the day. Other times I spent my evenings hallucinating. My parents quickly learned that they could never leave me alone over night in fear of one of my episodes would happen when they were away.

We Knew Something Wasn’t Right.

With no other reasons as to what was causing my bizarre behavior we began tracking my diet. We noticed that if I ate MSG during the day the following day I was going to be in bed sick with the throwing up and hallucinating. We found that avoiding MSG and eating a small amount of protein before bed helped minimize the GI symptoms to some degree. But only a little. Sometimes my symptoms happened for no obvious reason—even if my diet was perfect. And so while many of my friends were enjoying sleep overs with their friends I learned to stay close to home in case something might happen.

My appetite began to shrink & it only took a few bites before I was full. I loved eating food, but after a few bites I was done. My stomach just wouldn't handle any more food. I was losing a drastic amount of weight and started looking very sick. At my doctor's appointments it was believed that I was anorexic, bulimic, or just had acid indigestion. I was given piles of Pepcid AC and told it was in just in my head.

But I loved food—that wasn't the problem. The problem was the way the food made me feel. I eventually was scared to eat because I would go to sleep wondering if I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to throw up and hallucinating the most bizarre behavior. It was so very frustrating to know something is wrong with you, but have no idea what to do to help yourself. If you have ever been through a health challenge like I have you know what I mean. You want answers. You want the diagnosis. Then you can work on the problem. But without knowing the problem, you feel completely lost.

I went to numerous doctors appointments only to be diagnosed with indigestion and possible anorexia. All of my signs were GI related so it was assumed that the problem lied with my digestive system. And the hearing loss was just a coincidence. “Some people just lose their hearing,” is what I was told. 

— Christopher Reese —

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles."

Since my GI problems continued to become worse almost daily, and my weight continued to plummet I was sent to see a pediatric GI specialist. The specialist began the appointment with the routine screening test “follow my finger with your eyes” and she proceeded to move her finger left to right, then up and down. And then up and down...and up and down some more. After doing this no less than 20 times we asked why she kept wanting me to do that. She commented that my eyes were shaking when I looked up and I needed to have an MRI immediately. Something was going on behind my eyes to cause the shaking.

I was sent for an immediate MRI at Phoenix Children's Hospital. It was my first MRI ever and being only 13 years old I can still remember every detail from it—everything from the tech to the contrast injection is still crystal clear in my mind 16 years later.

"Allison, You Have a Brain Tumor."

When the MRI was finished and I was told to sit in the waiting room. They wouldn't let me out of the room so I sat there waiting for over an hour. After waiting for so long I was escorted out to the waiting room. I remember seeing my mom who had just hung up the phone with tears in her eyes. She then said to me, “Allison, the MRI found that you have a brain tumor.” I wasn't quite sure what this meant, but I asked to go sit outside. I remember thinking to myself that I didn't know entirely what a brain tumor meant for me—but I knew that my life would never be the same.

We were sent to the neurology department of Phoenix Children's Hospital and met with my pediatric neurosurgeon. He put the large films up on the light box and was talking to my parents, explaining where the tumor was and why it was causing all of my numerous side effects. I sat on the chairs next to them and still was unsure what was going to happen. My doctor told my parents that my tumor was about the size of an egg and was right next to my brain stem. The tumor had been pushing on several nerves, primarily the nerves that affect hearing and the GI system. And as the brain tumor grew—my stomach and hearing issues worsened.

I was scheduled for emergency surgery the following day. We were supposed to go into the hospital that night but I asked to return home to sleep in my own bed. Mentally, I wasn't quite prepared yet for how my life would change. 

I Knew My Life Would Never Be the Same. 

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I was blessed with an incredible mother who stayed by my bed 24/7 after my surgery. My body was weak and I was very skinny due to all of the weight loss I had been experiencing prior to my diagnosis. But I was faithful about doing my daily walks and wanted to get out of the hospital. I had a strong body and 8 days after my surgery I was able to return home.

Since I still had a part of the tumor left it was now time to figure out what should be done to get rid of it. We went to our scheduled appointment with the radiologist and I remember sitting in the room with him with the most dreadful feeling. We were being told how serious the location of my tumor was, with words such as "facial paralysis," "total body paralysis," "complete hearing loss," and "more weight loss." I remember walking down the hall after the appointment, grabbing my mom's hand saying, “Mom—that isn't the treatment for me.” My mom also felt guided the same way. There had to be another solution out there. We knew in our hearts there were other solutions.

The 8-hour Surgery Wasn’t Enough.

My surgery the following day lasted for almost 8 hours. My surgery was very successful in that a part of the tumor was removed, but part of it was inoperable due to the location. My doctor said that when he tried to remove the remaining tumor my heart stopped during surgery. He didn't want to risk any permanent side effects (such as paralysis) and said I had gone through enough for one day. I remember being woken up by my doctor asking me to blink my eyes, squeeze his hands, and move my toes. They were checking to see if any part of me had become paralyzed during the surgery. I was blessed that everything functioned just as it should. My only symptom was that my balance was WAY off. But I guess that was expected given I had been through brain surgery.

We returned home and my mom started reading up on what she could do to help me regain strength, gain weight, and ultimately get rid of the rest of my tumor. My mom started doing internet searches and asking others what they had done. A friend (who shared essential oils with others as her business) told my grandmother "your daughter should look into essential oils for her daughter." My mom was desperate for answers and so she took the advice and started to learn about essential oils. She began to read about oils like frankincense that had been shown to shrink abnormal cell growths, clove oil is the highest oxygenating essential oil, and how oils like oregano helped clean and purify the blood.

we were desperate for another way.

In her research my mom learned this life-changing point. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline and oxygenated environment. My mother read countless testimonials about people who beat serious health conditions with diet and natural remedies. The goal became to learn about what could we do to get the pH to an alkaline state, what could we do to bring oxygen into the body and to the brain, and what essential oils would shrink the abnormal cell growth. Time was of the essence since doctors were closely following my case. We needed to get going quickly and more importantly to start seeing positive changes. Friends of my grandmother gave us a few samples of oils, and copies of scientific studies on the essential oils. These studies showed how essential oils increase oxygen into the body. There were other essential oils, in particular frankincense essential oil, which has been shown to support positive cell structure and growth. We also found that essential oils like clove essential oil are the highest oxygenating oils. If you look at the Oxidative Reactive Adaptive Capacity (ORAC) scale clove oil is 1,078,700—higher than any other essential oil or super food. Clove oil is 856x more oxygenating than spinach. We also learned that oils such as oregano essential oil, have cleansing and immune-boosting properties as well as the ability to support healthy digestion. And oils like grapefruit essential oil are high in limonene. Clinical studies have shown limonene to help with cell apoptosis of the NK “Natural Killer” cells. Over and over again during our “research” we kept coming across essential oils and the incredible benefits that they have. Immediately, we began searching for the highest quality of essential oils and started incorporating these into our lives.

• Cell phones close to the ear
• Undigested proteins
• Stress
• Low immune system
• High sugar / carbohydrate diet

other things that don’t help

• Hereditary
• Bacterial or Viral
• Autoimmune
• Heavy metals

causes of tumors / cancer

Modern Medicine Saved Me.
 Natural Alternatives Gave Me My Life Back.

Watch my full story about being diagnosed and what I did to create my amazing success story.

Getting the blood and cells as healthy as possible was critical. Everything in our body begins at a cellular state. Every headache, every pain, every disease is a condition of mis-functioning cells. We had my blood tested and found that I had a high proportion of cells that needed to change. Primarily, many of my cells showed signs of undigested proteins. And if you look into the work of many of the top live blood cell analysis experts that will tell you that tumors are caused from undigested proteins. Immediately I began taking enzymes with every meal. I took a high quality, plant based supplement and digestive enzyme. These supplements helped metabolize the high amount of protein build up that I had, carbohydrates, fats and gluten. Once we started taking these digestive enzymes we quickly saw huge improvements with my gut and digestive enzymes.

Diet was important for regaining my strength. We focused on getting oxygen rich foods into my body. Oxygen rich foods are food such as your dark leafy greens and numerous other vegetables. I started eating a fairly clean diet—filled with lots of vegetables. I still needed lots of calories so I did eat a lot of other healthy calorie-rich foods, but with lots of vegetables. Throughout the course of my brain tumor I never followed any special diet such as the Gerson Theory or a ketogenic diet. I just focused on real, plant based food that would give my body a ton of nutrition.

I Started Using Essential Oils Daily.

In addition to the diet improvements that we made I started using several different essential oils daily—almost hourly. I always had oils on me. I always took frankincense essential oil and citrus based essential oils every couple of hours. I used OnGuard essential oil to help clean and purify my blood. Almost every hour I would put a drop of frankincense on my tongue and raise the tongue to the roof of my mouth. That was the closest way that I knew of to get oils to my brain stem. I also took DDR Prime essential oil internally to help my cells get back to the healthy state they needed to be in, citrus oils to help boost my emotional state, and a few others that I'll write out below.

Every Day I felt Better and Better.

Slowly I started to regain strength. My health regained so quickly that I was only home schooled for the remaining part of the school semester and returned to school with my classmates the next semester. My weight started to increase and within a few months I had put on 20 pounds of much needed weight. It was as though my body had been in starvation mode and was now finally able to keep food in. All of my stomach issues very quickly completely disappeared. Every day I felt better and better. I kept using my oils, my supplements, my digestive enzymes, and kept eating a clean diet. I went to see my doctor after a month of surgery and he was amazed at my progress. Because my health was improving so much we were able to post-pone radiation. I was faithful in eating clean, taking supplements and using my essential oils very regularly.

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My health continued to improve daily. I was diligent about going to my follow up MRI & doctor appointments. My appointments were very interesting though, because I was getting better—not worse! My doctor had to look closely at the MRI date to make sure he was looking at the recent date last. Because very slowly my tumor was starting to do the opposite of what tumor are supposed to do. Tumors are supposed to grow, get fuzzy edges, and spread. Mine was doing the opposite. Mine was starting to come together and encapsulate. And it started to shrink. At my appointments I was told to “keep doing what you're doing and we'll see you in 6 months.”

My story from start to finish took a few years. My tumor was large, in a tough spot, and it took time to learn what protocols worked the best for me. It took a few years, but gradually, MRI by MRI my tumor was shrinking. And eventually disappeared entirely. The process of eliminating my tumor without radiation was not a fast process. But with consistency and patience we were able to do it.

If You Give Your Body What it Needs, Miracles Can Happen. 

Several years ago I hit my 5 year mark of being tumor free. I share my personal story with you in order to be able to provide hope and a possible solution for those who are looking for alternatives. Beating my tumor naturally was not a quick fix. It took time, it took research, and it took high quality products. But my trial taught me a lot of things. Most importantly it taught me that if you look at the cause and if you give your body the right plant based nutrients miracles can happen!

Sometime the Most Powerful Solutions Come in the Simplest Package.

Even though my tumor is now 100% completely gone I did continue to have other health issues that came up. After surgery I gained the amount of weight I needed to—plus a lot more! For years I struggled with losing weight, hormone issues, hair loss, chronic fatigue, and more. I spent thousands of dollars on visiting more doctors, naturopaths, diets, and workout programs. But with all of the challenges that were thrown my way I have been able to beat all of these health challenges through diet, supplements, and doTERRA's essential oils.

More than anything I pray that those who are needing to hear my story see it as a message of hope. Please do not tell yourself that with any condition there are no answers or that your first given prognosis is your destiny. A positive mind and the body is a powerful combination. There are natural solutions available. Natural Solutions have changed the lives of millions. My story is simply one of thousands of miracles that I have heard. I have heard stories of everything from sleeping better, to more energy, to overcoming live threatening illnesses.

My Mission is to  Help Others.

I Love Helping People Find Answers.

Even though my tumor was eliminated through surgery and through plant based natural solutions this was not the end of my health challenges. After surgery I gained the amount of weight I needed to—plus a lot more! For years I struggled with losing weight, hormone issues, hair loss, chronic For several years I was nervous about my story and rarely told anyone about what I had been through. But about 6 years ago a friend heard my story and told me I needed to share it with others. Because there were other people going through a similar health crisis and they needed to hear my story. People started coming coming to me because they wanted to learn how they could use natural solutions to create a happy ending to their own story.

This propelled me into teaching others about how to use essential oils. My mission has become opening up bottles and getting these powerful oils into people's hands. This mission is powerful and life changing! I love empowering others to learn how essential oils change their own health. Helping people find answers to their health concerns has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to help many, many more people learn how they can use essential oils for their own health concerns.

I am so very grateful for that special person who shared frankincense essential oil with my mom. If it weren't for this sweet person and her desire to share these beautiful gifts of the earth I have no idea where I would be today. I very possibly would have done radiation and that could have left me with side effects ranging from swallowing issues to paralysis. I'm so very indebted to her for sharing. Not only have natural solutions changed my life (and most likely saved it), but they led me to a career that I absolutely love. I get to work with the most amazing products, with the most wonderful people. Changing lives one drop at a time.


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Q: Did you follow a certain diet during your tumor removal process?

A: No, I focused on eating lots of high nutrient foods. But I never followed a diet.

— faq no. 1  —

Q: Did you use any other natural products besides essential oils?

A: I tried a few things out for short periods of time but I was never consistent in non-essential oil products. I guess since I had results with essential oils I never needed to look into other alternatives or clinics.

— faq no. 2  —

Q: Was frankincense essential oil that only oil that you used?

A: Frankincense was the main essential oil that I used, but I did use other essential oils. If you heard my testimonial on "The Truth About Cancer" you heard me talk about frankincense. But this was just part of my essential oil protocol.

— faq no. 3  —

Q: How did you use frankincense essential oil?

A: I would take frankincense essential oil and put a drop on my tongue, then raise the tongue to the roof of my mouth. That was the closest way I could get it to the brain stem.

— faq no. 4 —

Q: What brand of essential oils do you use?

A: If you are looking for high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils that get you results with your health it is so important to only use 100% pure essential oils that are safe to take internally. The brand that I use, know, and trust is doTERRA.

— faq no. 5  —

Q: Do you still use essential oils to this day?

A: Yes, I still take essential oils daily. I take a blend that has frankincense in it daily, and I use essential oils for other health concerns I want to work on.

— faq no. 6  —


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