Spikenard Essential Oil

You’ve probably heard about spikenard before. It’s an essential oil that’s been used since biblical days (John 12:3). And there’s good reason why. Spikenard is a powerful, yet purifying essential oil. The word “spikenard” in Hebrew is Nard and means “light.”

doTERRA Spikenard essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of the Spikenard flowering plant of the Valerian family.  doTERRA has sourced and harvested Spikenard from remote areas of Nepal, but this plant is also native to high altitudes in the sub-alpine and alpine regions of the Himilayan mountains of China and India.  Spikenard has been traditionally used to anoint people of high honor and it has also been used in the Ayurvedic health practices of India, for uplifting the mood and promoting relaxation.


Stress and Anxiety
With its woody, musty and spicy aroma, Spikenard has been shown to alleviate anxiety and to calm and soothe the nerves.  Because of its calming, grounding and relaxing effects, Spikenard is commonly used in massage oils, aromatherapy sessions and meditation. With its sedative properties and ability to lower stress and anxiety, Spikenard assists with sedating cardiac issues, which are often linked to stress.


Natural Coolant

Spikenard oil is a natural coolant, so it assists with eliminating anger and depression and is very beneficial to the emotions.  Spikenard helps us to conjure feelings of peace and harmony within ourselves and can bring comfort to the heart and soul.  Spikenard encourages serenity and tranquility and even has sedative like properties that sedates feelings of stress, anxiety and panic.  This is why it is such a perfect oil to apply topically during massages.


Emotional Benefit

Spikenard has such an amazing ability to help maintain your mental, psychological and emotional balance, and should be used in everyone’s home! Spikenard is an oil that helps to enhance other oils, so it is amazing to layer on your body topically with doTERRA Aromatouch during a massage to help detoxify the body of stress and tension.

This detoxification directly results in relaxation and additionally in stimulation of the circulatory system as well.  Massages can also include layering Spikenard with doTERRA Lavender or Cedarwood, for promotion of a more restful night of sleep.  Because of its relaxing properties, you can try Spikenard with doTERRA Deep Blue blend for a great massage to ease muscle and joint discomfort and tension too.


Digestive Support
Spikenard is not only calming for the nervous system, but it has been shown to be very useful in calming the digestive system as well.  Spikenard is an oil that that is quite effective in eliminating occassional stomach discomfort and supporting a healthy digestive tract.  Spikenard acts as a natural laxative and can alleviate constipation, bowel and GI issues.

Spikenard has anti-inflammatory properties that fight off inflammation of the bowels, which increases proper excretion flow and function, and we all know how important our digestive systems are.  Constipation and bowel issues can be the root of up to 70% of the ailments that many of us suffer from, but with proper gut health, we can directly affect a higher immune system, as 75% of our immune system lies in our gut.   Using Spikenard is a natural way to stimulate your digestive system to keep it running properly, excreting regularly and keeping the body waste moving out of the bowels.



Spikenard has been used for centuries to help women with issues of infertility, as it has been shown to assist with maintaining proper reproductive capabilities of the female organs.  Spikenard helps to stimulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones in women.  These hormone levels are extremely important in the stimulation of a womans reproductive abilities.  Proper estrogen and progesterone levels are also important in a womans bodies ability to purify and protect the uterus and ovaries.

Through protection of the uterus and ovaries, a womans body will have proper and healthy menstrual cycles, and the uterus will cleanse itself as needed.  Spikenards anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation of the uterus during menstruation and can alleviate bloating and cramping during each womans cycle.  When healthy menstruation cycles occur along with proper hormone levels, a womans female organs are functioning properly, and reproductive abilities are at their highest.



When using Spikenard aromatically, you can diffuse 3-4 drops of Spikenard to achieve a calm, relaxing feeling, along with an uplift of the mood.  You can also put a drop or two in your palms and take several deep inhales of the aroma, for that same relaxing feeling, and to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.



When using Spikenard topically, it is great when mixed with other doTERRA oils for a personalized aroma or for a gentle massage.  Spikenard mixes well with Petitgrain, Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Myrrh, Wild Orange, Rose and Vetiver, and that is just to name a few.  When using Spikenard for uterus care, muscle and joint tension, respiratory support or digestive system support, you can dilute 1-3 drops of Spikenard with a carrier oil, and apply it to the desired area of need.  If you are looking to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation through topical use, you can apply 1-2 drops of Spikenard with a carrier oil, and massage it into the temples or apply it to the back of the neck.


(not recommended for internal use)
With Spikenard being such a powerful and purifying oil, and having many therapeutic uses, its no surprise that it is such a sought after oil.  If you would like to purchase doTERRA’s Spikenard Essential Oil, you can do that at my online retail shop found here.


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