What You Need To Know Before Looking at Alternative Treatments for Cancer or Tumors

August 1999 I was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma brain stem tumor. And like all trials that we go through in life they shape us into how we are. They teach us lessons we couldn’t have learned otherwise. Going the experience of having an inoperable brain tumor definitely did that for me. This trial made me who I am. And it’s because of my brain tumor I was introduced to essential oils 20 years ago. I will forever be grateful to the person who shared with me. She saved my life. She changed it. (If you want to reach the full story it’s found HERE.)

Tumors and cancers have become my “niche” here with my essential oil business. Almost every day someone reaches out to me because they are going through this trial. If you’re reading this because you, or someone you know is going through this trial I would love to share with you a few of my top tips on what I believe people need to know in regards to this area.

Doctors Aren’t Wonderful at Giving Hope – I am so very grateful for my incredible pediatric neurosurgeon who did my emergency surgery the day after I was diagnosed. I will be forever grateful for his steady hands, and his desire to not push his limits while I was on his operating room table. He is an incredible man. While I am so grateful for him I have learned though that the Western medical community is not so great at giving hope. They most often say worst case scenarios, all possible side effects, the lowest chances for success. Chances are what they will tell you will bring tears – a lot of them. This is how they were trained and this what they have to do being in the position of having lives depend upon them. Giving hope is just not the field that they’re in. They’re not hope dealers.

But I want you know there is hope. There are people who have overcome similar trials to the one you’re dealing with. There are people like me, who can help. We are the hope dealers. No, I cannot guarantee any results, but I am 100% positive that working 1-1 with me will bring light and hope. We can share our personal success stories and stories of those we’ve worked with.

Minimize Screen Time – I don’t have any studies or “proof” for this section. This is just a pure belief. I firmly believe that screen time use and WiFi doesn’t do anything positive for our health. I find it so interesting that as smart phones and WiFi have gone up these past few years so has brain tumor. Think about it – staring at screens, phones next to our head, Bluetooth in our ears… it just can’t be good. And now while I don’t believe this is the only cause I do believe it plays a factor. More than one of my personal clients have said that in the past they did sleep with their phone next to their head or often fell asleep next to the computer. Now I get we can’t live in a bubble. It’s 2020. But here are a few tips.

  1. use the speaker phone as much as possible, verses have your phone next to your head
  2. use radiation blockers on your computer and smart phone.
  3. at night turn WiFi off on your phone. And leave it on the other side of the room, or ideally in another room.
  4. If you can – don’t have WiFi in your home. Use a hardwire connection.

Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet – I believe the best type of diet out there is an anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation wrecks havoc on our body. Your body’s inflammatory state has to go down if you want true healing. Eat a diet that is focused on anti-inflammatory foods. Foods that come from the ground and from trees. The more, the better. The protocol I do with my 1-1 clients has this as one of the key foundations in the diet tips, and the supplements and oils I have them take.

Only 100% Certified Pure Essential Oils and Supplements – think of food as nutrition, and the oils/supplements you take as concentrated nutrition. I probably don’t need to stress the importance of eating real, organic food. I’m a registered dietitian so food is foundation for me. And it’s the oils/supplements you take that can greatly speed up the healing process and create the success story you are looking for. Just as high quality food matters, high quality oils does too. I ONLY recommend taking doTERRA’s essential oils and supplements internally. It’s the only brand I put my clients on. I have done so much research on this brand and I trust it fully. The supplements are whole food derived and processed without heat (did you know most Wal-Mart supplements actually come from China?). doTERRA’s oils are sourced world wide from the purest working conditions. No pesticides, fillers or synthetics in any of our oils.

There are cancer clinics that use essential oils in their practice. Do you know what brand of essential oils they use? doTERRA. I call doTERRA the Pharmaceutical Grade of Essential Oils. You’re not going to see other brands in cancer clinics. There are several companies out there that claim they are the same quality as doTERRA. This is 100% false. There’s reasons why cancer clinics use doTERRA. doTERRA’s oils have supplement facts on their bottles. And it’s because of doTERRA’s purity standard doTERRA’s new  Chief Medical Office left his position as a pediatric disease specialist to work with specifically with doTERRA. Learn more about Dr. Osgothorpe HERE.

All brands of essential oils are not the same. So if you’re looking for real health benefits from these oils, you’re taking them internally, and especially for serious life threatening trials I can only stress using only doTERRA’s oils and supplements.

Interested in Working With Me? For those going a trial and would like to work with me 1-1 more information is found HERE. I only work 1-1 with clients. Every person, every protocol is unique.

Interested in the doTERRA Business? I am currently looking for one amazing person that would like to work with me in the business aspect involved with doTERRA. This message is powerful. These oils and this business changes lives. If you’re interested in working with me, or you know someone who is please email me and let’s connect. My email is allison@huish.net.  Or contact me HERE.

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