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My “why” for doing this business has changed recently. And I’d love to tell you about my new “why” for doing this business and why I am passionate about having residual income!

Craving a Bigger, Fuller Life? 

“Since starting in 2008, DoTerra has become the most influential purveyor in a fast-growing essential oils industry valued at $5.1 billion in 2017 and projected to reach $25 billion by 2024, according to Verify Markets.” -Business Week, Bloomberg News

 Whenever I read about this potential it totally fires me up! doTERRA has experienced incredible growth in the first 11 years. And massive growth is ahead! This company is rapidly growing. So the question we have to ask ourselves is "how much do I want to be a part of this growth and experience residual income? Do I want to play big and reach for the stars?” The answer is always "yes!" and I have NEVER regretted it!

That's 5x growth in just 7 years! 

Massive Growth Ahead!

I've been with Allison since the very beginning and she's been an incredible business partner to have. I found doTERRA and Allison when I was going through a tough time with my health and my personal life, and Allison supported me through both. She's always been there for me and my team. She's so dedicated and incredibly generous with her time, energy and gifts. I've never seen an up line so giving. I'm very grateful for Allison and all that she does to help our team grow!

— caroline jackson —

Allison is such an incredible, supportive leader for her team. She is so kind, and truly loves what she does. Those on her team are extremely blessed from all she continues to do.

— dedra padlo —

The top reasons why I love this business are:

• The products: There’s no doubt there’s something special about these oils! They’ve helped me and thousands of others like me to find health and happiness through natural solutions!
• The people: the people involved in this community are incredible! We are friends not only in business, but 100% in life as well! I have the best people in my corner!
• The paycheck: I find immense security and freedom in the residual income I make by bringing safe, natural solutions to individuals and families!

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Don't spend your life building someone else's dreams! Create a life you love! A doTERRA business can support you!

In my first 2 years of doing the doTERRA business I become one of doTERRA's youngest, 6 figure earners. And I created my 6 figure business while doing a dual masters program and working full time.

I'm so grateful I said yes to this opportunity. It has blessed my life in so many ways. 

Create Something
You Can Be Proud Of.

Allison is an incredible wealth of information! She does so much to train and educate her team. Her Facebook groups, her calls, and her courses are full of valuable information that she all does just to support her team. She's the best! 

—  Brittney Homan —

If you want to walk, we’ll walk to achieve your goals. If you want to run, we’ll run together!

Join me as I dive deep into my story and how doTERRA helped me through it all.

Why I'm SO Grateful for the doTERRA Opportunity

Despite constraints on my time with schooling and work, I was able to achieve one of doTERRA's top ranks in only 2 years! Making me one of the company's youngest 6-figure earners!

I can help you get your oils paid for, as I have helped thousands of others do the same thing! Many have started their journey with me simply wanting to create a side business with doTERRA, but have since found so much success that they are able to join me in doing doTERRA full time! Making this a home business that they love!

I used to use Young Living essential oils! But I made the switch to doTERRA and fell in love with the quality and mission of doTERRA!

I was able to create my own incredible success story, by beating a brain stem tumor, through the use of natural solutions

I started my doTERRA business while pursuing a dual masters degree program and working full time! (I totally understand busy!)

My team is made up of an amazing community of over 16k people! Internationally based and State side.

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Learn how I was able to create massive success in such a short amount of time!

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